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Rivet Jewelry & Glass has been selling goods on this site, on etsy, and in a few local shops in Raleigh, North Carolina. I’ve been hitting the concrete looking for more retail shops, and recently my work has been added in several NC locations. Check this out to see where to get your next Rivet treasure!

Lucky Tree Gift Shop & Cafe 3801 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, North Carolina  27607 919.342.6688

Lucky Tree is a gallery/gift shop and cafe in the Royal Bakery Mall across from Meredith College. They carry creative handmade art, and have a wonderful coffee & snack bar. My favorite cookie is the oatmeal sandwich cookie made with cashew butter!

Lucky Tree has carried Rivet Jewelry & Glass ever since they opened. They have several glass dish sets, some in the movement style, and some one-off designs. They also carry Rivet’s sterling silver jewelry and some glass jewelry, oh! and my tiny paintings! Stop by on a First Friday for the gallery walk.

The Galleria Raleigh 9650 Strickland Road, Suite 167 Raleigh, North Carolina  27615 919.615.0033

The Galleria Raleigh is a unique multi-vendor shop at Harvest Plaza in North Raleigh, featuring over 50 vendors. They carry home decor and accessories, furniture, gifts, clothes and jewelry, all under one roof.

You can find Rivet Jewelry & Glass at The Galleria Raleigh in the back right quadrant of the large gift shop. Rivet sells a variety of items here as well. You will find glass dishes, silver jewelry, handblown glass pendants, mezuzah cases, and cute glass wall hangings.

Dancing Moon Books & Gifts 1840 Wake Forest Road Raleigh, North Carolina  27608 919.833.8081

Dancing Moon has been in Raleigh for over 25 years. They carry books and gifts, aromatherapy and candles, CDs, incense, crystals, jewelry and more. They are conveniently located on Wake Forest Road in Raleigh.

Dancing Moon is a NEW retail location for Rivet Jewelry & Glass. There you will find the popular Signature Rivet line of earrings and some beautiful torch-worked borosilicate pendants.

Sherlocks Glass Art Gallery 3801 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, North Carolina  27607 919.342.6688

This glass gallery sells local art by well-known glassblowers like Nastee GlassET Glass, Hefe, Natey Love, and more. It is located in the Royal Bakery Mall across from Meredith College, right around the corner from Lucky Tree (mentioned at the beginning of this blog). A variety of glass art is sold here, along with glass smoking accessories.

My tiny torch-made cupcakes have found a home at Sherlocks, along with my handmade borosilicate glass pendants, paperweights and other various glass items. My glass work at Sherlocks is sold under “Lady Luck Glass,” a growing subsidiary of Rivet Jewelry & Glass.

Dancing Moon Earthway Bookstore 553 West King Street Boone, North Carolina  28607 828.264.7242

Dancing Moon is a local community collective on Kings St. in Boone, NC. It is not affiliated with Dancing Moon in Raleigh. This favorite downtown bookstore has all kinds of fun things. Soaps, herbs, oils, candles, jewelry, leather products, pottery, ceramics, photography, clothing and other gift items. And now they sell borosilicate glass pendants handmade by me on the torch! My glass work at Dancing Moon is sold under “Lady Luck Glass,” a growing subsidiary of Rivet Jewelry & Glass.

High Country Jewelry & Gifts 161 Howard Street Boone, North Carolina  28607 828.386.6190

In the heart of Boone, you will find High Country Jewelry & Gifts, a fine jewelry store and gift shop. They carry a wide variety of jewelry, including watches, and offer beautiful handmade gifts. Rivet Jewelry & Glass has been in the shop since they opened in the fall of 2015. They carry a very wide variety of Rivet’s silver jewelry and glass dishes. Stop by on a First Friday during the gallery walk.

You can also find my work on Etsy.



During this holiday season, not only do I hope you shop local, I hope you shop Rivet!


This holiday season was the best ever for Rivet Jewelry. Lots of custom orders and all of them were really neat projects. Here is a handful of some of the items I made.

If any of these pieces inspire you to have something created for a loved one or something special made for yourself, contact Rivet to discuss your very own custom piece.

Chiari Pendant This project was near and dear to my heart. It is a Chiari Ribbon (two of them, for sisters), like a pink ribbon for Breast Cancer, or a red ribbon for AIDS, a Chiari ribbon is purple and has a zipper connecting the ribbon. Why? Because there is brain surgery for Chiari that results in a scar at the back of the head that looks like a zipper, so these patients are dubbed “zipperheads.” This customer purchased these for family members. It was special for me to make these because my husband was diagnosed with Chiari in March of ’12. Thankfully he has not needed the surgery, but this project will always be close to my heart. I am thinking of selling them and donating a portion of the proceeds to a Chiari non-profit.

Materials: Sterling Silver, Hand-Dyed Silk Cord


Airplane Keychain Custom pieces for men are sometimes more challenging than for women. This idea fell right into place though. The customer wanted something to celebrate the day her partner got his pilot’s license, and being able to fly his own plane, his Cessna 152. He’s not much of a jewelry wearer, so we decided a keychain would be the perfect alternative, and a perfect gift for his plane key! I got everything made and ready, except for stamping the actual date on the back of the piece. The weather was awful and the poor guy had to wait well past Christmas to get his license, but it was worth the wait and he was absolutely stunned by this custom gift of his very own plane with his tail number on it!

Materials: Sterling Silver, Keyring

4 Names Necklace Thanks to fellow roller derby teammate and regular customer of Rivet, Roxy Rockett, I was mentioned in the N&O’s 2012 Mother’s Day Gift Guide. The N&O featured a photo of my jewelry and mentioned my name and website. The result? Many requests for the custom product that was shown in the paper. This is a variation on the design. This customer wanted 4 names incorporated into the necklace with birthstones. They are in order of age, this customer’s wife first, then their two daughters and finally the granddaughter of the family. Wife, Anne, was extremely happy with the necklace.

Materials: Sterling Silver, Moonstone, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Blue Sapphire

3 Charm Bracelet

This order came to me from a friend for her sister (a friend of mine as well). She wanted a bracelet with 3 “charms” to represent the 3 most important things to her sister: her son who just joined the US Air Force, Roller Derby – a sport that both sisters play, and working out at Crossfit, her newest passion. I came up with this modern “charm” bracelet design for her. It is a fitted bracelet, perfect for everyday wear and extremely comfortable. The clasp has a unique design and wears very flat on the inside of the wrist. I heard there were some tears when she opened the gift. That means it was a good one!

Materials: Sterling Silver

Owl Necklace

The customer that ordered an owl necklace from me wasn’t very specific about the design. She trusted me to handle it. She gave me a budget to work within, and off I went to design the piece with pencil and paper. I sketched owl after owl, dissatisfied at their (un)originality. Owls are popular icons right now, brought back from the 70’s, and I guess I had that typical image in my head. I changed this dissatisfaction in my head by drawing the owl turned slightly sideways, to change the angle of it. In addition, I made the eyebrows 3d to add uniqueness to my design. I was extremely satisfied with the results and the final product, and so was the customer, and the lucky gal that received this as a gift.

Materials: Sterling Silver, Green Quartz


If any of these pieces inspire you to have something created for a loved one or something special made for yourself, contact Rivet to discuss your very own custom piece.


The day has finally come. Rivet Jewelry has a new and improved website (and logo)! You may ask why is this such a big deal? Well it’s because the new site is SO much better and more user friendly. It’s kinda like the rebirth of Rivet Jewelry! I have dreamed of this day for about 5 years now and am finally ready to share it with the world! I need your help to pass this on to EVERYONE you know. Word of mouth is my only advertising avenue right now. So please share on Facebook, tell your friends, or forward an email to them.

Some improvements on the new site:

twice as many products larger product shots model shots with most products multiple images per item to show different angles of the pieces product descriptions, measurements, specs, options testimonials and reviews shop by category or by price simplified url: ( will still work)

Categories include:

Earrings Necklaces Bracelets Rings Gauged Jewelry Men’s Bridal Customizable Accessories

Soon to Be Added Categories:

Toi Jewelry – a new line of colorful jewelry by Rivet using acrylic and genuine Lego® parts Canine/Feline – a new line of jewelry for your furry friends. They need jewelry too!

Other Exciting News Rivet will soon be adding enameled jewelry to the collection. Bright bold colors and designs will be a nice compliment to Rivet’s jewelry collection.

Shop for the Holidays Find great gifts for your friends and family on Rivet’s new site. Lots of choices for men too! Place your order asap to get it in time for the holidays! You will even find a few favorites on sale at

Thanks to Joshua R. Craig and Edward Kensicki for all of your help and many hours working to make this site a success! All photography is © 2012 by Leigh Salmon/Rivet Jewelry.

Please, think about buying handmade this year.

Thank you! Please pass it on! Leigh Salmon, owner, designer Rivet Jewelry – Handmade with Severe Passion


Screen shot 2012-11-22 at 12.30.08 AM

I am so excited to announce Rivet Jewelry’s completely redesigned website. Many thanks to Joshua Craig and Edward Kensicki for all the help creating this. It’s amazing, and couldn’t be more optimistic for the next chapter in my jewelry career.


Read the article by clicking below:

News & Observer: Moms offer gift ideas for Mother’s Day

A Mother’s Day gift that I would suggest would be a handmade, personalized necklace from Rivet Jewelry! Leigh Salmon (who is also a skater named Eva Lye) puts heart and soul into her work and really takes interest in the pieces she creates for her clients.”

– Roxy Rockett, aka Brandy French, mother of Carmin and Jackson, and training director of the Carolina Rollergirls


Visit her blog by clicking below:

Shiny, sweet rays of sunshine that span across the cobblestone of City Market and in through the boutique windows… up on the nook with the octopus platter… off the rows upon rows of jewelry…”


Mary Alice, Office Manager of Charm City Cakes in Baltimore and my fave on “Ace of Cakes” airing on the Food Network, has been wearing 18g Signature Rivet Earrings on recent episodes.