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Do you do repair/resizing/refinishing of rings you didn’t make?

We do indeed. Generally non-warranty repairs, refinishing and resizing takes one week, as warranty work always takes precedent. Once receiving a piece for work, we will contact the customer to give a quote of how long the repair or refinishing will take, along with a cost estimate. Estimates on cost are just that, because at times jewelry we did not create can pose problems for repair or refinishing, although if we go beyond the estimate amount we will contact the customer before proceeding.

What guarantee or warranty do your pieces carry?

All pieces carry a lifetime warranty against defect or breakage. The warranty does not cover stones, loss, theft or damage due to abuse or mistreatment.

How long does it take to recieve my piece after I’ve finished paying for it?

Most products ship out within one week, unless otherwise noted on the product page. Shipping takes an additional 3-5 days from that point. (Unless Expedited Shipping is chosen)

How long does it take for warranty repair/resizing/refinishing?

We try to get all of our warranty repairs, resizing and refinishing jobs out within a week of receiving them, although at times we are unable to do this because of our work load. When a customer contacts us to let us know that a piece is coming back for warranty work, we will generally give an estimate of turnaround time from date of arrival in the workshop. If you are in need of warranty work, please contact us before sending us your jewelry.

Are diamonds and gemstones covered under your warranty?

Should a stone become lost or broken we will be happy to replace it at cost in most cases, but are unable to provide this service under our warranty. Damage to the mounting will also be taken into account at the time of stone replacement.

What if I don’t like the final piece?

All of our custom design is aimed at a single goal, to produce a piece that the customer likes, and although we've never had anyone yet who didn't like the finished piece, we answer this question frequently. In the event that a customer dislikes their finished piece, we would first attempt to make any necessary modifications to make it suitable or appropriate to the original design concept. If a piece cannot be modified to satisfaction, we will start from scratch, redesign, and re-create the entire jewelry project.

I’ll be visiting Raleigh, can I just pick up my order to save shipping costs?

Technically yes, although often it's cheaper for us to ship a piece and charge for shipping than to pay for the jewelry in the store and pay state tax. We are required to pay tax on all in-state and in-city sales, so frequently customers prefer to have us ship their finished jewelry even if they came into the store in person to design and order it.


How do you ship your jewelry?

When at all possible, we try to ship our jewelry via USPS mail, as we've found it to be the most reliable and the safest. In instances of rush or expedited delivery we use FedEx, but they are unable to deliver to PO boxes.

For US orders, shipments typically arrive within 2-4 days after being dropped off at the post office. International orders are shipped via the USPS, then transferred to your country’s Postal Service. US Customs will likely hold up your package for a few days making the actual shipping time extend from 7-18 days from the time they are dropped off with the USPS.

Do you give refunds on custom work?

We are unable to give refunds on our custom pieces, although we do offer store credit in equal amount towards future custom work. Just as a carpenter or a tailor, all of our work is individually made for the customer and the cost of our jewelry is primarily the time and effort it takes to create it. As with any other fine art, we're unable to run a business creating commissions that are later canceled. If we create what a customer has designed, and we have multiple steps along the way to ensure this, we do expect to be treated fairly for our time and effort.

I just gave my ring to my sister, does the warranty still apply?

Our warranty is transferable. Should a future owner of a piece want to claim warranty for repair or refinishing, they must present the original receipt that came with the piece at time of purchase. We are unable to provide warranty repair to any piece not accompanied by a copy of the original receipt.

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