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About the Artist

Leigh-Erin M. Salmon
Born: Elgin, Illinois
College: North Carolina State University
BFA in Graphic Design from NCSU School of Design ’95
Professions: Art Director, Graphic Designer, Jewelry Designer

Leigh comes from a family of artists. From glass fusers to potters and duck carvers. Growing up, she always knew she wanted to create art for a profession. At the time, high school/college, graphic design was her main outlet. Leigh studied under such professors as Austin Lowry, Kathleen Reider, Joani Spadaro, and Andrew Blauvelt at NC State’s School of Design from ’91 to ’95. After years of creating graphic design for various companies, Leigh had a strong desire to make art again. She stumbled upon a local bead store and that is where this all began.

Leigh had always loved jewelry and always bought jewelry souveniers when traveling, but never thought about making it herself until she saw supplies for sale. This led to the desire to make beads and silver pieces on her own. Leigh eagerly went on to study glass lampworking under local glass artist Marjorie Putnam, and metalsmithing under artist, Bettie McKim. Leigh has since built a studio in her home and likes to work whenever time permits.

Leigh has over 12 years of experience making jewelry that is unique and contemporary. The clean, bold lines of her pieces ensure they will stand out among other jewelry. She draws inspiration from her surroundings: nature, art, architecture, and the personalities of those for whom she designs custom pieces. For Leigh, jewelry is not just a profession, but a lasting passion.

About the Products
Rivet uses sterling silver, 14k gold – yellow and white, and copper, unless otherwise specified. All stones used are semi-precious. Typical stones available: amethyst, aquamarine, blue sapphire, blue topaz, citrine, emerald, garnet, moonstone, opal, peridot, tourmaline, and some fresh water pearls. All pieces are made one by one, by hand, by one artist and craftswoman, Leigh Salmon. Due to the handmade nature of her jewelry, there will be slight variations in each piece. Leigh has a sharp eye for detail and a finesse for creating inventive, fresh and bold designs that can be simple enough to wear every day. Sometimes she will incorporate a hidden surprise, such as a stamped message, a hidden stone or a moveable part in her designs.

Rivet also has a wide selection of gauged earrings and some plugs. Gauged earrings and plugs are for people with stretched earlobes or people stretching their earlobes. The smaller the gauge number, the thicker the wire (the larger the hole in the earlobe). It seems backwards, I know, but that is how the gauge scale works. Most people without stretched earlobes can wear the 18g styles, and some can even wear the 16g, if they’ve had their ears pierced a long time, or have worn heavy earrings in the past and their piercing may be slightly stretched.

Product Care
If your piece has black recessed areas, it has been oxidized. Do NOT use chemicals on it or it will remove the black finish. Only use a polishing cloth or fine steel wool. If the piece you own has a brushed or “satin” finish, you can rub it with FINE steel wool, found at your local hardware store. If your piece is polished, all you will need is a polishing cloth to gently rub the piece when it starts to look tarnished. You can buy a Sunshine® Polishing Cloth, here.

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